13 Apr 2014

Palm Springs + Lavender Lemonade

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I first tried Lavender Lemonade at Café Chloe, when my friends and I were skipping the school dance. The second time I had it was recently on our mini getaway to Palm Springs. My mom and I wanted to find a good organic place for dinner. After searching online and scrolling through lists from friends, we decided on Palm Greens Café. We had a delicious meal, a Grass-Fed Beef Bowl and Mary’s Chicken Pho, along with a outstanding glass of lavender lemonade. Read more

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17 Mar 2014

Nelly’s Nettles

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This week’s special post, inspired by all things green, is brought to you by Nelly, my dad. An emerald green infusion seemed more than perfect on day known for certain liquids and the color green.

We all know that Saint Patrick supposedly drove the snakes out of Ireland, and for that feat we celebrate once a year with shamrocks and the drinking of mass quantities of green beer. However, being the health nuts that we are, we thought we’d celebrate the day in our own particular (and peculiar) way — with “Nelly’s Nettle Tonic”.  It’s greener than a shamrock and designed to be drunk 3 times each day to drive illnesses away. Trust us, it works like a charm.
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02 Feb 2014

Thyme Cough Syrup

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P here… I attended the Natural Supplements conference yesterday. This is an annual event organized by Scripps Center of Integrative Medicine and includes 3-days of evidenced-based educational courses presented by leading experts. Because of classes and exams I missed the first few days but was lucky enough to catch the final presentation of the conference given by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.  She is a highly respected botanical medicine specialist –and author– who works at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in various capacities. Read more

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19 Jan 2014

Provencal Chicken Pilaf

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We rang in the New Year accompanied by an array of new dishes that took up every bit of open space on the table and, of course, Ryan Seacrest at the ball-drop in New York. I made a new dessert I found in an old Gourmet Magazine: a chocolate pudding with a minimal amount of ingredients, and candied clementine peel on top. Making these candied little jewels was definitely an involved, but fun, process. It took a long time but they turned out perfect. Since I just needed clementine peel for a bit of decoration, I ended up having way too much left over. They seemed like the perfect thing to pack up and give to friends. Read more

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01 Dec 2013

P and Soph’s Thanksgiving

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From table decorations to food on the table, our Thanksgiving consisted of the most colorful meal I have ever eaten. We had all the classics with some new recipes incorporated. We shared this holiday with 7 other dear friends, along with tons of dishes; a 14 pound turkey, 8 other plates of food, followed by 10 desserts, (that’s one dessert per person!) who could even think of eating again?

My mom made three dishes for the entrées (potato gratin, cranberry sauce, and cauliflower salad, which we posted a little while ago). I made two desserts (mini apple galettes and cranberry cake). We were in the kitchen from about 11:00 a.m. til we left Read more

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17 Nov 2013

The 14 Reasons We Miss NYC

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Ever since I went back to New York with my dad this past August, I’ve realized how much I miss being in the city. Every where you go has creative vibes with fun and interesting things going on all the time. More than any other time in New York, I felt inspired and delighted the whole time, soaking in every second and always being in the moment. I miss Central Park, Grand Central Station, walks on Brooklyn Bridge, being in awe of the cuteness of all the dogs, seeing friends, shopping in unique stores, navigating our way through the subway system, and occasionally hailing a taxi. But, more than anything, I’ve been craving certain things from our favorite food places. My dad just traveled back again and brought back many goodies: cheeses, fresh pastas, capers, cured meats, and fish, which sparked memories of our trip in August, and instigated the urge to blog about it. Since there are not a lot of places where we love to shop and eat near us now, when things are brought home from New York, they usually don’t last that long. My dad bought a $43 piece of Parm (aka 2.5 lbs) from Alleva in Little Italy and with all the pasta from Eataly that came with it, I can only hope it lasts till the holidays.
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