05 Oct 2014

Apple Spice Shake

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Inspired by my weekend trip to Julian, CA –known locally for their apple cider and pies– I felt it was time for a shake that reflects this time of year! I added all my favorite warming spices to my basic shake recipe along with some fresh ginger and apple.  It’s addicting. Get ready!

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07 Sep 2014

Chicken with Bacon and Fresh Figs

1 Comment Bacon, Fruits, Meats

It’s official. School has started so summer is over. Sometimes we like to pretend it isn’t done yet through the flavors we produce in the kitchen. Our dear friends Toni and Lauro gave us about a dozen figs a little while ago. My mom and I wanted to do something different than serving them with prosciutto and Parm. Read more

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19 Jul 2014

Potato Gnocchi

No Comments Favorites, Food Experiences

Gnocchi has been one of my all-time favorite dishes ever since the first time I had it in Tocchi, Italy (Gnocchi in Tocchi!). A lot of restaurants in the U.S., however, serve dough balls instead of the light, fluffy pillows of heaven this recipe produces. Italians are known for authentic home cooking, so what better way to spend an afternoon than channeling the classic home cooks!

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01 Jun 2014

Gluten Free Apricot and Raspberry Tart

2 Comments Favorites, Fruits, Gluten Free, Sweet Treats, Tarts & Galettes

Summer is basically here, but I still have to pull through 2 more weeks of school. The sun has been shining with not a single cloud in the sky and the farmer’s markets have been in full bloom. One of my favorite aspects of Summer is all of the fresh and beautiful fruit. I used to say that strawberries were the best, but right now there are too many good ones to pick a favorite. Read more

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29 May 2014

Scrambled Eggs // Fed Up

2 Comments Breakfast, Food Activism, Gluten Free

Last Saturday night, my parents and I went to go see the film Fed Up with some of our dear friends. I hadn’t heard much about it, and thought it would be similar to Food Inc. About midway through the film, I regretted the Sprinkles dark chocolate cupcake I had eaten right before the show started! The film was filled with amazing data and stories, all with the overall message of how messed up our food system is. It really hammered home how poorly most people eat today. The film also discussed how we are misinformed about what  food is “good” and what is “bad”. It inspired me to really think even more about what I put into my body daily. It is an eye-opener and I recommend it  to everyone, especially young adults.
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04 May 2014

Gluten Free Brussels Sprout Melt

2 Comments Gluten Free, lunch, Sandwich

Some of you may know that the Saveur Food Blog awards just passed. I took it as an opportunity to find new inspiration for recipes to cook and beautiful meals to create. After clicking on every single blog nominated and voting, I bookmarked my favorites and subscribed to many. On Friday night I went through all my bookmarks and got lost scrolling through new and old posts from a wide variety of food bloggers. One that we really fell in love with is Love and Lemons. However, a recipe of a Brussels sprouts grilled cheese sandwich caught our eyes on another blog, i am a food blog.
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